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Sabolio S.r.l is a factory involved in the production and trade of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in the goods coming from the industry of Olive Oil. Our activity is mainly focused in the extraction of oil from pomace, which is the final step within the whole process. This has allowed us to develop business relations with most of the Italian Olive Oil producers for 25 years.

Our history

Sabolio S.r.l. was born in 1993 and it all started with a modest system of extraction of oil from pomace through the work of Francesco Sabatino, founder of the factory. At the time the Sabatino’s had already had decades of experience in the Olive Oil field with a tradition passed on from father to son which started in the first years of 1900. In the last 25 years Sabolio S.r.l. has grown, improved and conquered its market segment and it has now become one of the leaders in the Olive Oil sector.



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